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Learning Commons and Makerspace

​The ​​​​​​​Mapleview​ Heights Learning Commons (library) is an evolving space, striving to meet the needs of students and staff in our ever-changing world. Currently we are working toward the addition of a makerspace which focuses on inquiry through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities.

To access click the link:  Learning Commons

We continue to strive to maintain a collection that is current and meets the curriculum needs of our staff and students. While we do not accept donations of used books we happily will take suggestions for our collection.

search-library-button-2c6hcbb-e1415196540542.pngClick here to search our school library.HomeworkHelpLogo-rkyso4.jpg

Free Registration - click on t​he link
Tumblebooks-1u5xla7.gifUsername: scdsb123
Password:  books​

Book Flix.JPGUsername: simcodsb

Password: simc7729

​See your teacher for login information
See your teacher for login information.
Username: simcodsb      Password: simc7729​





Username: simcodsb  

Password: simc7729

Learn 360.JPG 

Student Log In: Board email address          Password: Birthday- YYYYMMDD


teachers: scdsbteacher    p/w oerbt 

students: scdsbstudent    p/w oerbs​​


Presentation to Do?

Try using one of these applications to help you!


prezi_horizontal.pngGood for slide types of presentations.  You can easily embed video, photos, etc.  Available for computer use and other devices.​Simple informational slideshows are easy to make and share with Haiku deck.Haiku deck.jpg​Want to create a easy, simple, and beautiful video presentation quickly?  Use Adobe Voice!adobe voice.jpg
Great for relaying statistics and facts quickly.  Login using your school Google account.
download.pngJust like powerpoint!  But this is accessible from everywhere!  Use your school google account to access!


Google And You!

SCDSB has now provided every teacher and student with their own Google Apps for Education account.  Consider using this account when saving documents to allow for easy transfer to and from home.

Here are some documents to help you get started: